Monday, October 10, 2011

Four Kids and No One's Doin Nuthin?

I sat down to write today and realized that I was drawing a complete blank. How can that possibly be? I mean I have FOUR, count em, Hair Boy (1), PITA Boy (2), Word Girl (3) and Blond Girl (4), yep that is FOUR.. One of them has to be doing something..

To be fair, Word Girl is off leading an exciting life at college.. So who knows what trouble she has gotten herself into. I have already received the phone calls.. Mom I got my lip pierced and even better.. Mom, I shaved my head (not as bad as it sounds as this was for charity) and of course the lovely FB pic of her SECOND tattoo.. Fortunately, she only plans on wearing the lip ring until she graduates and her hair is already growing back, to the point where it needs to be shaped and styled. And even the tats are discreet.. I still say she has had her quota of wild moments.. no more phone calls from her..

And Hair boy.. well he is working hard to pay off some student loans.. so he can get more student loans.. so he can go back to school.. I guess I should be grateful he is too busy to call. Although, he does manage to talk to his grandma at least once a week. I had to lay down the law!! He has to tell me any exciting news BEFORE he tells grandma.. Hey being mom has to have some percs..

All PITA Boy does is work, well work and drive me nuts.. life is good...

Blond girls is just dealing with being a teenage girl.. oh the joys of teenage girl hormone trauma...

So while they are all about not sharing what is going on in their lives.. I am grateful.. They are having great lives!!

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