Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When You Impress Your Children

I was speaking with Hair Boy today.. just a general Hi how's it going conversation and we started discussing my new blog... Bodice Rippers.. He went and looked it up. I was almost brought to tears when he told me how excellent it was.

My children's opinion means something to me.. Yes I am mom and there are times when I have to be the meanie, to make the decision, to be the bad guy. But to hear from your child that he is proud of what you are accomplishing? That is just so awesome!

What a moment! Poor Blond Girl has had to suffer through all the growing pains of the new site so she just rolls her eyes when I show her something. That and the fact she is 17 and it is a romance book site.. yeah, mom talking about all those sex things and having pictures of smexy men on her website.. um, embarrassing... But Hair Boy is gonna show it to his Girlfriend.. who doesn't read that sort of stuff but is into all things feminist and she will really like this site! So, I have more free advertising, maybe even get the college market.

I know all of you parents know exactly of what I speak.. to hear your child say that is awesome mom!! I am proud of you!! Wow what amazing words.. oh yeah, he also pointed out that I was a good mom while he was growing up.. I almost had him repeat it into a recording.. just for posterity.. but nah, that he said it meant the world.

I am blessed!

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