Saturday, October 8, 2011

Absolutely Amazing!!

As a senior there are many perks, benefits and last things that occur in High School, I am sure you all remember. For Blond Girl one of the "perks" is the Senior Solo. This is an audition only, event where a certain amount of Seniors are chosen to sing at one of the three concerts through out the year. Usually around 6 are chosen. This year there were 7 of 11.

Last week was the audition and Blond Girl came home rather despondent, she had completely tanked her audition. To the extent that one of her best friends.. when asked was brutally honest and said she sucked.. ok, yeah a little tactless maybe but my daughter pretty much agreed with her. So we had pretty much accepted that she was not going to get a solo.

Yesterday, Blond Girl came bouncing through the door.. an almost musical lilt to her voice.. Guess what! She got a solo!! The list went up on Thursday and she was so sure she hadn't made it, she  didn't even bother looking.. On Friday, she just glanced at it and saw her name!! YAY!

Of course she is singing at the first concert and has only 2 weeks to prepare.. A bit nerve wracking but she will at least get it over with. Anyway on October 23, 2011 somewhere between 3 and 4pm  she will be singing How Great Thou Art... to all and Sundry..  Needless to say I am a worried, nervous, excited and proud Mama...

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