Thursday, October 20, 2011


This morning about an hour ago, I got a phone call from downstairs.. Asking if Blond Girl was home. Since it is a Thursday you would think that she would be in school.. of course she wasn't school is out, again! Anyway, the phone call came.. when I said yes.. I was told that she had a package. Now we get packages all the time and  we never get told that just one person got one. It's more like, hey you gota package send someone down. So the phone call was a bit odd.

I woke Blond Girl up and sent her on down... she came back with a box from 1-800-flowers and was all excited.. I won't go into the comedy of watching her open the box and cut the zip tie *insert rolled eyes here* but I will say she was beaming. The flowers, a gorgeous rose arrangement, were from her youth pastors.. wanting to let her know that they were thinking about her and hoped she was getting better.

I will admit, I was a bit irked that she hadn't heard from the church after or during her hospitalization. But I had reconciled to the fact that I had been spoiled as  a child and not all large churches took care of the details.. Glad to know I was wrong. Especially since this was the only thing I have found irksome about our church up to this point...

I mean I would understand if they ignored me... but my baby? But they didn't and she feels even more special.. now if we can just figure out what is wrong with her!

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