Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Trip to the Symphony

Remember when we worried about out children running wild at night? We worried that they would be out partying late, drinking, whatever?

Well kids today have come a long way... This weekend Blond Girl and a group of her friends went on a wild trip to the city.. Taking the train downtown for a trip to the Symphony. She was in awe!!

Of course there were some kids who went along to be cool, yes hard as that is to believe some of the kids felt the need to go just so they would fit in. That cracked me up.. this is what kids are doing to feel cool? My daughter and her close friends asked only that the group of kids who sat behind them be silent.. of course they got offended accused my daughter of being mean and having a superior attitude.. and of course talked through the entire performance. And of course they did not see the irony of this.

It was sad that some people have such a need to belong that they ruin the true enjoyment of those who do something because they truly enjoy it. Blond Girl said it was one of the most amazing experiences of her life. While she was explaining it her eyes shown, she practically glowed just while describing the cellos.. I am so happy that she found a connection at this event. I think so many children do not get the opportunity to experience opportunities like this and then mock it as adults. Never knowing the true beauty of what they are missing.

I can not wait until she escapes the confines of HS and is able to find her niche in college like her sister has. Where she can attend an event like the symphony and not have to deal with the drama of teenage posturing. These kids who have such a love of music that they give up their Saturday night just to view the symphony deserve those moments of peace that comes when one hears beauty.

Next, the Opera

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