Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oddly Quiet

It has begun.. those hours of silence.. when all the children are gone, the nest is empty... Oh not yet.. baby bird is still here but her wings are spreading and she is well on her way..

Fall is the fun time, the time of the year when seniors set their dreams.. where they focus on tomorrow and they think they can have and do anything.. In so many ways in this moment in time they are immortal..

Blond Girl is beginning her quest, she has applied at Univ of WY, Marquette, Univ of MT, and my dream school USC.. she still needs to send out aps to Carthage, Univ of Sand Diego, San Diego State and Western Illinois.. Part of me wants to sneak in one to Tulane as well. My girl would love to live in New Orleans.. 

It is exciting to watch and see.. to wonder what she will get, who will accept her and where she is headed. Yesterday we got yet another brochure from Univ of CO.. and now she is thinking of applying there as well..

I am thinking.. MT, WY or CO will get her if they want her.. why? Cuz she wants to major in Astronomy, which all three have excellent programs for, and her second major is COWBOYS! and face it there aren't too many Cowboys in San Diego

We shall see where the wind blows

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