Sunday, October 9, 2011

PITA Boy not so PITA anymore

I find it amazing that PITA Boy is 21 years old. It seems like just yesterday he was that pesky little.. oh yeah it was. I know that was awful, PITA Boy yanks my chain as much as he does because he really does have so very many of my flaws.. Sometimes it's like banging my head against a mirror and others well...

All that being said he is growing into such an amazing man. He is what I refer to as my  worker bee.. Give that boy a job and he will see it through to the bitter end and then some. He is the kind of employee that employers should be salivating to get. He is considering the military and he would most definitely thrive there.. Although he is more than a little intimidated by the ASVAB.. as his ADHD seriously interferes with his ability to test.

After spending 6 summers as a Lifeguard I know it isn't the actual knowledge but rather the reading that gets him. He would never have passed the original Lifeguard test had not the woman in charge.. taken charge. She knew PITA Boy and she knew he knew his stuff.. so she did a verbal test.. of course he passed with flying colors. I am not saying he doesn't read.. just he doesn't read well on tests..

I have to think that the military is loosing a huge group of young men and women who would be amazing soldiers/sailors/marines/airmen.. by not realizing this. Not everyone tests well.. OK.. my mini rant is over..

Hopefully by this time next year PITA Boy will be off on his new career.. when that happens I will change his name.. to maybe soldier boy... *grins*. No matter what this child does me proud.. 

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