Monday, October 3, 2011

A New Day

I can not believe it has been almost two years since I seriously blogged. I feel like I have missed so much in my blogging life.. It is pretty darn amazing what has passed.

Just to get you up to date...

Hair Boy has moved out, moved to the college town of Champagne/Urbana.. meandering through his college life. Trying to figure out what he wants to do. Of course because he putzed around a little too much he now is working two jobs to pay off his old student loans so he can get new assistance and continue. He needed this time to figure out what he wanted and where he was headed. I think he has finally found a compass point. He has been playing his guitar, writing music he recorded a CD, has been in several "gigs" both with the band he is in and alone.. AND he has had a rather fantastic on air experience with the local radio station. It was fun because I was able to listen to it on the radio.. While he sounded giddy.. he did good and had fun. And fortunately was knowledgeable about if not the local indy scene at least music in general... Finally!! A good use for all that time he and his father spent rocking to Clapton when Hair Boy was a baby... As for his hair.. yep it's still there.. right now it's in dreads.. sheesh...

PITA Boy... I am thinking this one is gonna need a new name soon.. Finally at 21 he is outgrowing that need to drive me insane. He is still trying to figure out what he is gonna do with his life.. He is working full time and eying either school or the military. Me, I am leaning towards the military!! I think out of all my kids he would excel in such an environment. We just have to get past those pesky ASVAB's.. which suck.. as a kid with ADHD and a learning disorder passing those tests are hard.. It's not that he doesn't get it, it's that once they put it in test format he tanks.. We need to get him passed those tests because this kid would be such an asset to anything he does..

Work Girl... what can I say? She is enjoying her second year of college and has come into her own. No more trying to deal with the day to day hierarchy of life in the small community we live in. No more having to be known as my daughter, her brother's sister, her grandparent's child.. no longer a living legacy of a family that no longer exists.. Nope... she has become herself and what a joy it is to watch.. She is a leader at school.. having been elected to the inner hall residence board.. As VP she gets her room for free YAY!! Of course she still has tuition, board, books and the rest but... every little bit helps.. and 6,000 this year in free room is nothing to sneeze at. She is working towards a semester abroad next year so we are really excited.. She is gonna get to Australia if it kills her.. She has wanted to go since she was contacted by People to People to go as an athlete ambassador when she was 11. Cross your fingers she will be there next year.

Blond Girl... WOW!! She is a SENIOR... I am not quite sure how that has happened but she is blossoming into an amazing young woman. Of course, she is dealing with the day to day growing pains of being a teenage female.. as well as feeling the restrictions of day to day living in a community that has known you since before your oldest brother was born.. yeah.. it's hard for her.. I know she is looking forward to escaping... One of her dream schools is the Univ of Wyoming.. her ACT scores rock and her GPA is right on the cusp so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Of course Marquette and Univ of Montana are also up there.. She is looking to join her sister at Western if she goes to a state school.. and today just as a well why the heck not.. she applied at USC.. yeah.. no coaching there....

As you can see they are all on their way to becoming amazing individuals... I only have one problem.. This October 30, I will only have one teenager.. I may just have to rename the blog..

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