Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Turn Back Tuesday

Since I am feeling a bit nostalgic I decided to turn things back about 10 years.. wow.. 10 years a mere decade.. How things have changed.. 10 years ago Hair Boy had just entered high school. He was a tall, thin boy with short (yes that's right) short hair. He had just spent the summer with it smurf blue and he had cut the remains out before school had begun. I really liked that particular picture of him, although he says he always hated it. He was just learning about marching band and at the time there were 6 that is right 6 tubists. He had so much to learn.. All his spare time had been spent in the sound room at the play or on the Marching Band field. Swim Team hadn't started yet and he was just a squirly freshman.

That would put PITA boy in the 7th grade. Middle School was not good to PITA Boy, he stuttered, was a bit immature and had a learning disorder. All combined with a strong desire to be like his brother.. popular and self confident (except he never understood what a crock that was). PITA Boy was often bullied and even in a school with a no bullying policy, not much was done about it. Oh he had his supporters but there was a large contingency of teachers that would have been just as happy as to shove him back in some corner and ignore him. Blame everything on him. They tried... good thing they failed.. PITA Boy wouldn't let them..

Word Girl was in 5th grade.. not even remotely sure of who she was. Stuck in the midst of mean girl hell. She was so rock solid when it came to right and wrong for other people, she would defend against injustice no matter who she had to fight.. and yet she allowed so many to get away with so much when it came to herself. She was a few years away from realizing that she mattered. That she had a voice.. she  never really realized just what a leader she was. I think now, finally in college she is beginning to discover who she has always been.

Blond Girl, wow she was just a cute little 3rd grader. With a ready smile and a seemingly empty mind. Yeah that's right she had the dumb blond thing down pat.. except.. she wasn't she was just soaking up her environment.. soaking up all that was around her.. learning everything.. waiting for her moment in the sun. Waiting to step out from the strong shadows her siblings threw... She was still poised.. hadn't made her leap yet.. but she was ready.

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