Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Don't Know Me

So someone somewhere uses that as a catch phrase.. a line Pita Boy has latched onto with ferver. When ever I am asking him to do something, complaining about his behavior, shoote even all out yelling at him. His response lately is "You don't know me".

hon, I have news for you.... if I don't know you, what the heck are you doing here under my roof, eating my food, harrasing my children (his siblings)? If as you say I don't know you get the heck out.. I mean I don't do this mom thing for the money...


  1. when my youngest was in high school that was a big line among the teens... The do eventually come back from mars you know LOL

  2. My just turned 6 year old has been saying this for the last week. My response was the same as yours. She has decided that she would like to stay so she now refrains from saying it. The worst thing about it is that is something her dad would say to me all the time before we got the divorce. I have news for him. I knew he was a loser then and things haven't changed much since. Sorry it's late.