Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why Is It?

So why is it when you borrow money from them, they stalk you until you return the funds. Calling work, cell phone, whatever they deem necessary with that ever important question... did you get your check?
but when they borrow it from you, you may as well wave bye bye to it?

I have considered making a giant chart and using it as wall art in the hallway.. for money that has been borrowed. I will be scrupulously honest as to who has borrowed what and when. I can guarantee you even with the current assistance my oldest is making to help make ends meet.. give me a month or two (and that is only because he has been helping a lot) and the tables will be turned.

The same goes for housework... I mean yes they have chores and I don't (allegedly) but who is that they think follows along and actually does the work that they claim to have done? or re does it so it is done correctly? I think another chart hanging on the wall would suffice...

If nothing else it would make for some interesting artwork.

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