Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shakes Her Mom Head in Amazement

My youngest, as I have stated before has been blessed with the three b's.. she is an extremely fortunate young woman who in general doesn't think twice about it. She just is...

For the past little while she has wanted to get her hair cut. Now I hate when either girl cuts their hair because they both have lovely long hair but it is their hair and it grows out. Last month she colored her lovely locks from blond to red, sadly enough.

On Saturday she got it cut, since she was paying for it with her Christmas money I suggested a local less expensive location instead of her usual stylist. I thought they would have a clue they had after all been to school. She came out looking like the girl had taken a weed wacker to it. It was lopsided and allegedly layered but so not.. I told her to go back and have it fixed. I offered to take her back and make them do it but she said no.

Then the next day, we went to the movies, she straightened it, omg that made it look worse.. it was horrible. Today it was pigtails cute enough but she came home tonight and washed it. Letting it dry naturally it sprang to life, her curls were bouncing it was adorable. I suggested that she not straighten it but wear it as is, of course she sneered.

So tomorrow it is back to the weed wacker look.

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  1. My daughter was blessed with the most gorgeous naturally curly hair on planet earth. Naturally red, too. It is divinely magnificent, I tell ya. And she absolutely insists on taking that wretched flatiron to it each and every day. It's enough to make a mother weep.

    It's long, too. And she's planning to cut it when she goes off to college. I will need antidepressants.