Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh, I just LOVE Teenage Girls

So the past few day have gone something like this..

thurs... mom.. can you go to the post office and check to see if we received my information on my act class.. (translation - I am too lazy to get off my rear and go myself so you do it for me)

fri... mom, my act class begins next week remember to go and see what class I am in. (again, too lazy to go herself)

sat.. mom, I HAVE to know what class I am in.

mon.. mom, go today I think the class starts tomorrow..

I just want to point out that the classes are held at the school she attends and all it would take is a few minutes of her valuable time to go ASK what class she is in. finally good mom that I am, I called the school not having the time or inclination to go to the PO, I was informed that she had an afternoon class on Wed.. once again good mom that I am, I noted that she had track afterschool on Wednesdays and wouldn't this be a conflict? So good mom that I am I had them reschedule to before school. What needs to be understood is that this child is a morning person. It makes me shudder but she enjoys early mornings, she does her best work early in the mornings AND.. she is at her most alert. So as well as being the best for her schedule it was the best for her person.. needless to say WWII has erupted in our house..

MOM!!!! I didn't ask you to change my schedule...

MOM!!! why can't you mind your own business..

MOM!!! I have to walk to school now (oh yeah I could have just missed one day a week of track but now - a three syllable word - I have to either pay a dollar and take the stupide pace bus or I have to walk.


I swear upon the head of my favorite child (currently not the one bellowing at me) I will not ever again do something for this child that she can do herself.. and anyone who believes that feel free to send cash.. I have this bridge..


  1. Oh, yeah. I have one of those. The list of demands made upon me to do/buy on a daily basis is quite long.

    But ask her to unload the dishwasher and ....

    It might be time for us to have another talk.

  2. Why do we continue to do things for these lazy, cranky, ungrateful girls????

    Stick to your guns! (And let me know how it works out, because I'm afraid of mine!)

  3. I don't mean to laugh at your frustrations, but it's really funny because it's true with most of the population.