Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So We Watched the Inauguration

So, I am not the only one home with the flu, today both girls are struggling through it.. of course I am required to cater to them make sure they are pampered and attended.. yeah right!!

Today they wanted to watch reruns and movies... enjoy their time and laze away.. they actually argued when I insisted that they change the channel. Oh my watch history take place? Be a part of it in some small way? No way not these kids..

But I won, I am the mom after all. The just sometimes forget it.. It was pretty cool if nothing else President Obama speaks a pretty speech.. full of promise and hope and in the end that is what we need more than even reality.. we need hope! we need to believe that we can do it..

So today spending my morning with the beasties, watching them slowly fall silent, listen to what was going on... finally realizing what was happening I saw hope..


  1. Today is a new day. Hope is such a beautiful thing.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Isn't it cool that after the last eight years ...
    We get to be part of such a historical and hopeful time in history???
    It makes this day something really special!!!
    Hope you and your children feel better quickly ~
    dawn @ iowahippiechick