Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Night Fun

So this is how my night went...

First daughter comes in... hi mom! Pep band tonight got cash have to be there at 5....

Second daughter comes in... hi mom! Pep band tonight need my mouthpiece, can you find it please, have to take a shower. I'm hungry, got money.. have to be there at 5...

First daughter..bye mom
Second daughter (all showered, mouth piece in hand) bye mom....

took abou 45 min.. lol


  1. Okay. Our 21 month old son starts being whiney, so we know it's time for his bath. Then it is lights out for him, and my wife goes to bed with him.

    I get to clean up his toys in the living room, clean up the kitchen, throw away his dirty diaper that's tied up in a plastic grocery store bag, and then put all of the recycle in the outside recycle bin.

    A wild and crazy night, I know.

  2. Wasn't that nice of them to stop by. I remember those days when I stopped home to eat and sleep.