Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shaking my head already

I am happy to say that for once this was not my child...

My daughter, the accident prone one has a dear friend well, dear may be stretching it. They bicker as much as my daughters do.. and those that don't know better would think that somehow they are related.

So her mother called me tonight wanted to know if i wanted to go the the art show with her. Kenz couldn't go because she too is in swing choir and had practice. Karen being the proud mom wanted to go see her daughter's work displayed at the local college.

We braved freezing weather, parked a considerable ways away, ran uphill to get to the art show.. and her items were not there.. we looked and we looked and we looked. Finally we went to the school art teacher and asked.. she wasn't on the list. Yes that's right..

And one wonders why she and my daughter are best friends? Between the two of them they harness enough blond moments to account for most of the state of Illinois.


  1. Not one of my daughters is blond, but they do have their "moments"

  2. Oh no! So did the girl feel bad her stuff wasn't in there? Or didn't she care? Poor mom going all the way there to find out that the art wasn't displayed!

  3. Aww, now how did that happen? What a day that must have been.