Saturday, January 3, 2009

Boots, Boots and More Boots

This week we have been inundated with boots, my girls Christmas money in hand have been searching high and low for the correct and perfect pair of boots. I have seen plaid boots, low boots, ankle boots, knee boots, fitted boots, suede boots, rain boots, boots with fringe (which btw on the collar is dorky but up the side is good). Moccasin boots, boots with heels, boots with fur, boots with soft linings, silk linings and fleece.

I have always loved boots but never really looked good in them I have what can at best be referred to as jock legs (very muscled calves) and of course they are short so the boots seem to cut my legs right in half. So as I was dragged hither and yon, I could only swoon with envy as I watched them try on and discard boot after boot.

We finally settled on two pairs that they can and I assume will switch back and forth (for some reason they don't mind sharing shoes). One has to wonder what will be the next must have on their list.

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  1. I got a pair of the Crocs boots for Christmas from my mom. They're adorable, but not for me. Going to try to trade for a different style. Did you know Crocs has about a dozen styles of boots on their website?

    I hate shoe shopping. Period.