Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh Good Lord, She did it again

So it is official, it was not the color of her hair that made her a ditz, the blond (redhead) bombshell did it again.

Today it was snowboarding, a wrench to the knee and off she goes.. I swear this girl can find an accident in a clean room.

Lets see in her life, hit by a kid with a 2x4 at the park (8), started a three cop car fight over chalk (hers) at another park (5), went out for cheese crackers because we only had peanut butter ones, but really hid in the closet and fell asleep causing an all points search (5) and btw the policeman went and bought her the darned cheese crackers. fell off the school bus and knocked herself unconscious with her trumpet (11). tuba accident (14) attacked by wall (14)...

and I wont even go into her asthma attacks... cuz those are medical.


  1. oh ouch, a wrenched knee is gonna be painful! :p And all I can say is "wow!" that's quite an accident- (or incident-) prone kid there!!


  2. It sounds like a sprain to me. Thank goodness. Much better than a tear.

    And your accident prone kid could give my younger brother a run for his money!

  3. Your daughter sounds a LOT like me - including the asthma! For instance, I spent the first three months of my husband and I'd dating period on crutches...