Thursday, January 29, 2009

Word Girl and Maggie's Grand Adventure...or when car meets snowbank

So after the drama of getting into the wrong act class.. knowing she is going to have to take the dial a ride bus and inconvenience herself.. she finds out one of her better friends is in the same class. Of course now she has a ride and all is right with the world. EXCEPT....

On their first adventure after picking up the lovely girl the spun on some ice and plowed into the nearest snowbank.. of course the car was stuck, so Frankie called and asked her brothers to please come help. We will not even begin to go into all of the reasons why that didn't work.. lets just say both of them were tired and crabby. Poor Maggie devastated called her father.. good girl, but while they waited (smart girl). Of course, he was ready to throttle the poor girl for going to fast... which it turns out she wasn't.

One of the guests staying here of course stopped to help them. Lesson learned.. cute girls can almost always get the men to help them out... and when caught in a snowbank call your dad not your brother.. well unless it is your fault and you want to stay out of trouble then call your brother.. oh and finally, when you get out of the bank make sure the nice stranger tells your dad you weren't going to fast so he can call you and tell you he is sorry and that you are a great kid...

All that and they actually made it to the act class.. late but they made it


  1. At least nobody was hurt and all are safe. I bet it was scary though!

  2. Glad no one was hurt. Oh my I remember when my girls first started driving. I was a nervous wreck.

    The oldest learned in Dallas on massive huge freeways and the youngest learned in Maine where she drove on ice and snow all the time.

    Thank goodness their father was willing to go with them.

    Now our grandson is almost old enough to get his license. So here we go again!:-)

  3. I took a long break from blogging. but, I am so pleased to be back.

    I always did enjoy your site so much. I have marked you in my favorites again!!

    Happy weekend:-)

  4. Hey, what's up? How are you doing?

  5. I'm glad she's okay and no one was hurt. My daughter hit a snowbank right before Christmas. Thankfully she's ok, but I can still smell burning plastic from the engine, but can't figure out what's causing it! We also had to have a large piece of plastic removed from under the car cause it came loose and kept dragging on the ground. They said she must have been pretty wedged in there to do the damage she did!

    It was funny though, cuz when she called me from the snowbank, before she assured me of her safety, she assured me that the card was fine, which I thought was funny!

    Have a great weekend!