Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sometimes they just Amaze You

So, I hate reality shows.. oh I admit to enjoying the amazing race and my guilty secret is I watch dancing with the stars (and really like it). I may occasionally watch the apprentice and when endurance was on, I did peak at that.. but the rest..nope.. I have never watched, survivor or big brother or paris and nicole.. nothing.. they just irk me

And cartoons, well they have their place but prime time for adults is not one of them. Yes, I admit that too, the Simpsons.. have never been on in my home (well that I have seen), family guy? enough said.. I do like the roadrunner though.. but you get my point.

Now what ever could these two things have in common? well ask my daughter.. tonight I was listening to the tv show she was watching, it was definitely a reality show.. shaking my head I wandered in to see which one she was watching.. it was a CARTOON. ok, it was a "scripted" reality show, in cartoon format, so not even real people.

BUT IT GETS BETTER... she was discussing it with her sister and informed her sister of who wins. When I asked her how she knew she said it was a re-run.. ok, so she was watching a RERUN of a SCRIPTED reality show made with CARTOON characters..

does anyone besides me see the irony in this?


  1. Yeah. I'm not understanding the cartoon reality show concept. Sounds too much like my life.

  2. wait, I think you lost me.....


  3. My goodness,
    I'm with Vodka Mom -
    But now I'm really curious as to what was the name of the program she was watching.
    Care to divulge that information?