Thursday, November 13, 2008

Genetically Predisposed

So I have been spending a lot of times with my youngest son, I have realized that no matter how good of a parent I am. No matter how much time I spend on teaching my sons to be husbands and not just men.. I have failed..

There are some things that they are just genetically predisposed to.. I mean give a man a remote control.. Would it be that difficult to watch one show at a time? To not have to view several shows at once, I can even sit through a commercial break if the need so arose. It is not that difficult.

What gets me, is it a hormone that comes along with the DNA? Or other certain parts.. one has to wonder. and then wonder if some cases are more severe than others.. and why did I get the one with an extreme case? Or is it that all men are just born with ADD and have the attention span of gnats? Dont get me wrong I am not men bashing.. some things come with the DNA we can't help it.

But I can promise you this, the first thing I do when we move is make sure he has a space of his own 1 TV and 400 remotes with no batteries.. let him figure it out.


  1. Oh you are so right!!! What is it with the remote that they have to hold it. My husband and my son's fight over it. They run into the room and grab it and will not let anyone else have it. I just don't get it. Like you I can set there and watch 1 show without changing it.

    Also thanks for the comment on my blog about AdSense. It does make me feel better that someone else had recieved this note. I haven't a idea what I have done for them not to give me my couple of cents a day. I was up to about $77 in my account and that seems to be gone too. I can't even get into my account our anything. Maybe this is a way to not pay people. If you find out anymore please let me know and I'll do the same.

  2. hey dont mess with our remotes we may have to remote you out and let scotty handle this

  3. Amen! What is up with the nonstop channel surfing?


  4. humm i wonder if i have been infected. i channel surf all the time BUT dont have to and low and behold i can actually now GET THIS

    i can stand up and walk to the tv and change the dhannel at the box without the use of the majic remote. giggles.