Monday, November 17, 2008

I Don't Bowl

So my youngest in her insane attempt to be as involved as possible in school has joined the bowling team. Did you know they had bowling pants? This came as a complete and total surprise to me, I knee about the shoes and the ever wonderful fashion statement the bowling shirt.. but bowling pants? This is so made up just another way to get money out of me.

As I stated in the title I dont bowl, one of the few sports I was never very good at, that and frisbee (hey I grew up in CA this is a legitimate sport - if one cant throw a frisbee how can one play frisbee golf?). So now the question is do parents go watch kids bowl? What does a bowling match consist of and must I learn to like beer?

I do wonder though if I will ever see this child again? I mean off to school by 6.. then bowling after school, then Mondays Jazz Band, tues and thurs swim team, Wednesdays swing choir and after swing choir church choir.. I think I remember what she looks like.. but if you see someone running around in bowling pants with a trombone at the local pool please send her home.

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  1. That is hysterical! My youngest is the same way, she wants to be in everything. It get's exhausting, and I can't wait until the child is 16 and can drive herself everywhere.