Thursday, November 6, 2008


Oh the joys of the missing sock!! I know there have been scientific studies on exactly where those socks go.. and I believe the most factual theory is that they are eaten by aliens.

I used to spend hours and I mean hours gathering the socks and matching them. Even the white ones had to be matched to the proper partner. Seriously, they are made at different plants, factories whatever, the cuffs may be different, the thickness, the age, the staining.. everything.. then one day after I had finished had all the socks neatly ready to find their way home to their little drawers my daughter walked up.. took out two pairs of socks.. separated them, took one from each pair, dropped the remaining partners single and alone back in the basket and walked away. "Ashley-Frances" I uttered "what do you think you are doing?" she just smiled shrugged and said "I don't like to wear socks that match" Needless to say.. I have never matched socks since.

Teenagers!! ain't life grand??


  1. Aliens? Are you sure it's not the Sock Monster? He lives at my house.

  2. Yes, they are grand aren't they! Bwahahahahahaha. Mine is grown and gone, but oh boy did he make me crazy. Good luck. :)

  3. my dad o wear unmatched socks, because he can't see them anymore, specially, the holes...haha

  4. Ha! Love it! I only have one, so she tends to be a little spoiled, but still does not get it when i say we have no money!