Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Contrary Girl

Ok, I realize that when speaking of a 17 year old girl, the title of this blog might be considered at best redundant.. but this child takes the cake.

Over the summer her younger sister fell prey to the twilight phenomenon, even going so far as to attend a midnight selling. It was fun and the books were rather good face it they were fantastic. but my Frankie being Frankie refused to read them. No way would she be interested in them. She was gracious and lovely enough to buy them for her sister. Make sure that she had the books and could read them. A thoughtful and considerate gift but read them she would not.

Just recently a friend of hers wanted to read them but could not get a copy from the local library.. she had been waiting and waiting.. Frankie upon hearing this offered to let her use our copy (which we did not mind this is a wonderful lovely girl and a friend to the entire family). So we pulled them all out, stacked them neatly and got them ready.

The next day Frankie took the books to school and me being the silly widget that I am thought that was that. No of course not, on her way to school, on the bus Frankie started to read.. Now we have to borrow book one so she can read it..


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