Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hair Boy and the Power Trip

No I am not back on the computer, well at least not mine.. that will be something of an ongoing issues as my son is determined that I had to have done something to his computer. There is absolutely no way this could be mechanical error or the fault of a sibling. And why is that you ask? well because for years and I do mean years I was rarely on the computer, my time online consisted of maybe 10-15 minutes a day and on that very rare occasion an entire half hour.

Lately I have had more time on my hands and am spending some time online. Now since we are living in the hotel, we put the large cumbersome computer in storage and just brought the laptop. So of course every moment of use is on his Highness's noblesse. Forget the years that I provided the internet experience for them, the computers I begged them to treat gently.. no this must be mom's fault.

Since our time here in wonderland seems to be going on much longer than ever anticipated I am seriously considering going to storage and getting out the monstrosity.. If I can find all the cables, buy a wireless card and get set up, some one (tall and with lots of hair) who shall remain nameless will loose all his power. Humm that just sounds better and better.

Why is it, when boys become men they forget the years of work and effort and time and skill that their mother's put into raising them (and in this case on my own) and insist on treating us like we are imbeciles? Who is it exactly does he think got him this far?

Oh well his heart is in the right place I would just like to slap a bit of that arrogance out of him.. would someone please get me a ladder?

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