Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Have No More Blondes

my baby my beautiful blue eyed blonde, my daughter that makes malibu barbie look ugly, my gorgeous Rem, today decided to die her hair a deep true mahogany. Don't get me wrong it looks great, she has lovely hair, thick and long.. You know the kind of hair the rest of the world pays hundreds of dollars to fabricate?

So we went looking for jeans, I took Frankie shopping for jeans.. did you know WalMart doesn't sell skinny jeans? We left with, under garments, a winter jacket, a funky towel thing for her to prance around it.. but no jeans.. oh the angst...

A bribe is still a good thing. My Cori, constantly talks.. i swear he is the only person on the face of the earth who talks more than i do.. wait twice, no three times as much as i do.. today i just couldn't take it.. so i bribed him.. go out.. leave.. have lunch on me.. just go.... it worked.. for an hour.. then he came home.. darnit

JR is speaking to me again. Not sure why, and am equally sure it wont last but I do so enjoy the conversations..

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  1. I await the dreaded day when my redhead bleaches hers blonde. That will be the day that I die.