Friday, November 28, 2008

A Mother's Heart

What can I say, I have been graced with the brightest stars to ever dance in the skies.. and they come to my house to roust at night.

They are wild and wonderful, cranky and creative, funloving and horrid. They are unique individuals that I take great pride in...

If my four children were told to go in a cave and learn algebra...
JR would go in the cave, drag a few of his friends in and figure out how algebra equated to everyday life and how they could use it to have a good time.

Cori would look at the math.. and paint the walls

Frankie would look up and say.. you want me to learn algebra? I need a teacher, a book, a desk, a lamp, a window and Cori dammit go paint outside.

and Remi darling Remi would look up and say.. What no closet space?

Aren't you glad you didn't have to teach them?

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