Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Going to Vote

So today, we made it to the polling place as in everything where Cori is involved there was a struggle a challenge..

It started out just plain old fashioned nerves.. so he wasn't going. I had to tell him, you don't vote you cant live under my roof. So he got himself ready and off we went. Of course there was an issue with mine so everyone kept ignoring him.. let all sorts of people go first, he was getting nervous and ansy.. then we had to re spell the last name.. it is 4 count em 4 letters long.. and actually only has 2.. this should never be a problem but for some reason always is. Then finally he got his ballot and went to the booth.. as I sat and waited for my crises to be concluded, I watched and wished that I had my camera. I was so proud. Tears formed in my eyes.. a lifetime of learning right there being acted upon. Of course, I really wanted to know how he was voting.. but I refrained from asking.

Finally he stepped out all beaming and proud and recieved his "I voted" sticker. Which he promptly put on the inside of his wallet and it will remain there for quite some time. Mission accomplished. Then it was home to watch the election on TV and for him to ask and me to answer a million questions..

Oh how I am still beaming.. two adults, two votes.. does a mother proud

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  1. My nine-year-old made his own fake ID because he wanted to vote, lol! Doesn't it warm your heart when your kids want to make a difference?

    I was considering skipping it, but hubby forced me out of bed and I'm glad he did. I'm very happy with the results.