Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finding Common Ground

When something comes along that can breach the chasm between teen and parent it is wise to grab a hold with both hands. There are a few things, there is the mom can you give me a ride. Now this is a fantastic way to find out about your children because as soon as you take on chauffeur duties you become invisible.

I love driving my kids around, I love listening to the chatter the plans the day to day happenings. Now I hate getting up at Midnight in January and dragging myself out to go get them but in general it is worth it.

Another way is through a good book, the Harry Potter books helped during childhood. The Tolkien books because their mom is a Tolkien nut, we tried the Count of Monte Cristo but they wouldn't get into it. But now oh now there is Twilight. What a great series.. a way to reach into your teenagers mind and yank out what they are thinking.

I find that the best way to know my kids is to pay attention to what they are reading.. well after driving them all over kingdom come.. So all don't bother searching their rooms for hidden notes look to see what they are reading, let them see you reading it and maybe if you are lucky they will ask you what you think.

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