Monday, November 17, 2008

HA! I Love it When I am Right

Frankie has been taking AP History this year, now I love History and back in the day I was fortunate enough to take AP History when it first came into concept.. maybe not the first year but close enough. When I say I love History that is a huge understatement if I had my way I would be living in Barcelona studying medieval stuff.. why Barcelona (blame John Cleese-entirely different story)

All year long I have been asking Frankie if she had started DBQ's yet? Now to me a DBQ is second on the levels of hell only to proofs.. and we all know geometry was created by satan.. and again i digress. So every time I asked about DBQ's Frankie very arrogantly said.. no mom that was back in the day we don't do those anymore..

Guess what came home this weekend?

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