Saturday, November 22, 2008

Movie Time With My Girls

Last night I had the joy and the priveledge of expending my hard earned money on a night at the movies with my girls. Of course we had to go see Twilight a huge favorite in our home.

Both girls somehow managed to work it into their schedules to allow mom to take them to the movies. Now movies play a huge part in my relationships with my children. We somehow have managed to find time to attend several big movies together. It is a fun time and we do enjoy it. One could call it family time where we didn't have to talk.

Over the years we have turned Thanksgiving and Christmas both into huge movie days. We go to the movies and out for Thanksgiving dinner. It is perfect, I hate to cook so I get to enjoy it and we get some pretty good family time together. Christmas is usually a little more difficult as the usual restaurants are not open so I am forced to actually make a meal.. but the movie theatres are.

This year I am not sure what movies we will see. We can pretty much cross Twilight off the list.. well maybe the boys want to see it.. who knows. but I am looking forward to spending this day with my kids. No matter how tough life gets lat least 2 days a year we go to the movies.


  1. Movies can be an awesome way to jump start conversations with teens - Heck my boys were always ready to talk about movies or music ... Plus it kind of is an 'acceptable' thing for a teen to do with mom ;-)

  2. We always go to see the newest Christmas movie the day before thanksgiving. . . it's good to see thatv some family traditions still remain "cool".

    I just hope the mice aren't stirring for me this year! There's not a quicker way to ruin a good movie!