Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hair Boy Stopped Snarling

I mentioned in my last blog that Hair Boy had stopped snarling at me, after careful consideration I decided that it deserved an entire blog of it's own. Hair Boy stopped snarling...

One has to understand that while Hair Boy is an extremely private individual I have always had a good relationship with him. So it was tough when he got mad at me. I understand why but it hurt more than a bit.

This has been a growing up year for my son, he finally got it, figured out that he needed an education or he wasn't going anywhere. but in the process he watched out lives once again careen out of control and being older now.. he sees so much more. He has also willingly (albeit grudgingly) handing over a large portion of his paychecks to help out with the expenses. I am very proud of this young man and am glad that we can have to occasional conversation again.

He wont admit it but he feels the need to take care of me, yes he too sees me as a complete ditz. It's ok I probably am.

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