Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ain't Life Grand Award

Now, I admit I have been a little less blog hopping over the past week or two due to computer issues. When I do I try to read what I can as quickly as I can.. Imagine my surprise when in my in box on entrecard, I found an email from Lola at Lola's Diner . This was a great award as it says exactly how I feel about life.. ain't life grand!! For any who haven't popped over to the Diner I suggest you do, she has a great blog full of family, friends and just a great place to be.

But now!! On to the award.. five reasons that make my life grand and five bloggers who are just as grand..

1. Life is grand because I have four amazing and wonderful kids who not only bring me great pride but also give me lots of things to blog about.

2. Life is grand because even when I feel like I have no where to turn there is always someone who is there to offer me a smile, a word, a shoulder to lean on.

3. Life is grand because I am at the very beginning of a new relationship.. full of promise and what if's

4. Life is grand because Anne Bishop and Stephanie Laurens both have new books out.

5. Life is grand because through the internet I have been able to keep in contact with old friends and family AND make lots of new ones..

and the winners are....

1. California Today . A wonderful view of what is so very special about California

2. A PostCard A Day . A wonderful way to share the world with those of us who want to go everywhere..

3. Mandy Harvey Beads . I love her wonderful jewlery

4. On the Verge . A wonderful mom and a fantastic fellow blogger.. always a pleasure to just go see what she is up to.

5. here and now 4angel . I love this blog she has some wonderful heartfelt poetry listed.

I had fun finding the perfect blogs for this award, I wanted to really share ones that just make my life grand..


  1. Thank you so much for the very kind words. I'll be putting it up within the next day or two.


  2. Thanks so much! You are such a sweetie!

  3. thank you so much for the award. and congratulations to you too. i hope you won't feel bad if i have to pause for a while updating California blog, I really am struggling with my time lately, so I decided to just focus on one blog, that is the sandiego backroads ( ) which i changed to "at the backroads" so that i just have to worry about updating one blog. i thought before blogging is easy and now i find i dont have the time to have 2. i will be posting california places still in "at the backroads" but would also cover other places from time to time.

    again, thank you so much, and am sorry to disappoint you that California will be taking a pause.