Friday, March 20, 2009

Just an Update

It is nice to know that you know your children. Yesterday morning I got up and Word girl being my early to bed early to rise child had of course beat me to it but sitting there on the table was her camera and charger.. with a smile this darling daughter of mine said, here mom enjoy!!

Now Hair Boy is no more, well He is but the hair is gone!! He tells me he cut it all off and yesterday while on the phone with blond girl who now has red hair.. she informed me he was next to bald. Gotta love kids and their forms of self expression. Anyway Hair Boy got up early yesterday to drive me to the airport. Not of course O'Hare which we live 5 miles from but Midway which is about 45 min. away.. But he got up and off we went.. When I got out and said thanks for bringing me with a smile on his face he said.. It's ok mom think of all those trips to the airport you have made for me over the years.. The rat made me cry I was so proud to be his mom at that moment.

Just to make sure to mention them all Pita Boy is being nice to his sisters this weekend.

So in closing and to clarify,,, Hair Boy has no hair, Word Girl.. well she had the last word.. Pita Boy is not being a pain in the ass and Blond Girl has red hair.. Kids gotta love em


  1. I always get a bit nervous when they start being nice/good. You do have the nanny cams in place, right?

  2. isn't it great when they surprise you?!?