Thursday, March 26, 2009

Word Girl Gets a Hair Cut

I think there is a gene that all of my children have inheirited.. I am sure my mom would say I gave them a terrible disease and now I can understand her stance...

First blond girl went about her merry way, died her hair red and cut it off, then Hair boy shaved his head (not to the skin but really short). He went from these gorgeous ringlets that women drooled over to no hair.. and Pita Boy.. well he finally had a nice cut but decided nope he needed to do the close cropped thing..

Now Word Girl goes and does it.. this morning she cut off 12" of hair.. OMG!! While it is absolutely adorable. I love it way more than she does.. she thinks they went a bit too short. She wanted shoulder length and got chin length but that would have been about 10". And no she could not do locks of love as her hair has been colored.. Which she felt very bad about.

I will have pics as soon as I can sneak one of her..

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