Monday, March 16, 2009

So it is Official They are Going to DisneyWorld

Things as many of you know have been really tight. The girls have the band trip in just over a week. This is a major trip that happens every two years. Every four years they go to Disneyworld, to make it an even bigger deal this year the choir is combining their trip and going as well. So if they miss this one they wont get another chance.. well the older one wont and the younger one wont for two more years..

Until today, we were not sure the money was going to be there. Oh the girls fundraised and worked very hard.. but they could not do the entire thing.. amazingly enough when some friends found out, the trip was paid for... and the band director has been so wonderful letting us basically push it until the last moment.

So thank you to those who make a difference in another's life. For stepping up and buying lunch or shoes or a trip to Disney.. you don't know what changes you have wrought

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