Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pita Boy Confuses Again

As you all know I went on a mini vacation over the weekend, it was an amazing time filled with not a single moment of teenage angst.. That in and of itself is an amazing thing BUT.. Pita Boy totally blew me away.

I am an ice chewer.. yes I know it is bad for my teeth, annoying, socially unacceptable, acerbates my tmj.. the list goes on.. but I chew ice and I get weird about it. In order to make sure I always have ice when the trays are full and I don't need any I empty them and put the ice into zip lock bags. I can never get the kids to even empty out the trays.. they are always like we still have some why do we need to there is still some there.

Anyway while on my trip I pretty much figured.. no ice when I come back.. no way were they going to do anything.. are you ready for this?? Pita Boy not only filled the ice trays he put the ice in baggies.. now he didnt go crazy cuz then I would have ice coming out my ears but there was some there.. waiting..

I know this sounds so very minor, such a little thing but for him to think of me in such a simple day to day way while I was gone made my heart swell. It is this kind of thoughtfulness that reminds me what a great kid he is..

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  1. *grins* see there's reason's you keep them around!!!