Friday, March 13, 2009

What a week

It has been a week that never ends.. First the girls were sick, not sorta sick I mean totally and completely sick. Of course they were healthy enough to bicker.. you know I never bickered with my family. Honestly we DID NOT FIGHT!! we weren't allowed to. We of course never dreamed of disrespecting our parents. But that is another subject.

Anyway word girl got sick first then blond girl... so of course word girl said blond girl stayed home because she did. It didn't matter that her fever was 102..nope she was poser.

Then there was the added factor that pita boy changes when they are around. He is ok when it is just he and I but when they walk through the door he turns into a total idiot when they come home. So the bickering and interacting went on for 4 days straight.. Leaving me feeling like I was a total failure as a parent.. well we never argued so why do they?

Word girl has a wonderful explanation... well mom we were raised differently. Ok doesn't do much for my sense of self esteem as I am the one who raised them.. oh well, they are both back in school now but spring break is looming.. thank goodness they will be gone for much of it..


  1. May your spring break be peaceful and healthy. I hate that "looming" feeling :)

  2. You gotta feel sorry for anyone with teen kids these days!! I have a friend who used to spend a lot of time in the summer at their cottage with the kids, but when they became teenagers it became a battle to get them to go and when they did go it was constant fighting.

  3. Where are you living now??? Do you at least have some room to spread out the misery????

    I hope so!