Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well They Are Off To See The Mouse

After much hustling, bustling and last minute screaming we got to the bus this morning.. ok, after they start looking for last minute laundry as late as 9:00 pm.. and after a trip to WalMart that made sure they had suffecient snacks for the trip and much arguing on who was taking what.. and of course pita boy opening the trunk that never closes AFTER I said use the back seat..

Finally, they were on the bus and on their way... they left the school at 9:07am this morning. Alls well, I won't hear from them again (my kids never call when they are traveling) then about 20 minutes ago I get a call from Pita Boy, telling me to call the girls.. Oh, no!! did Blond Girl hurt herself already? Was there an accident? I call and Word Girl lost/didn't bring/can't find her wallet which means neither girl is going to eat as she has the gift card and the spending money.. I just about went through the phone!!

I was told it was ok as they had plenty of snacks and such (not even remotely decent meal food McDonalds would be healthier). So I hang up, think for a moment and call her back... she had better make sure her sister eats!! If she has to beg borrow or steal her sister eats.. I hang up.. 5 minutes later oh it's ok mom I found my wallet.

Tell me, did I really need that heart attack??

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  1. Remind me again why we thought it was a good idea to reproduce?