Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

Now please understand I live in the Chicago suburbs, Chicago is one of the three cities in the US (Boston and New York being the other two) that treats today as a national holiday. We die our river green for pete's sake!!

So forgive me if I treat today a little different. What is funny is the way my children treat it.

Hair Boy, doesn't get it. Refuses to even acknowledge it... says we aren't Irish so what is the big deal.. Now let me tell you my name is Shaughnessey... I am morally obligated to celebrate this day.. and my children should too..

Pita Boy, well for once he goes with the flow.. he can take it or leave it but it is an excuse to party.. so he does like this day.

Word Girl, will search high and low for the perfect green outfit,then decide a pair of socks will do... cuz she waited too long to find what she wants.

Blond Girl, I am thinking this holiday was meant for her. It is hard to find something in her closet that ISN'T green. That girl has more green clothes than anyone I know.

Fortunately they are all under 21 so we know there will be no drinking or carousing.. hey... one can dream..


  1. sounds like you have no work or school today..

    happy st. patrick's day...

  2. Funny. My daughter claimed to only have a green hoodie (which I know isn't true) and she said that she was NOT going to wear it all day.

    My son on the other hand put some thought into his outfit today. He made sure he had his olive green chinos clean and a polo shirt to match clean. His outfit was completely premeditated. Lol! I'm shocked because normally he just throws on ANYTHING (sometimes with hilarious results) and sometimes it doesn't matter if it's clean or came out of the dirty hamper. I guess maybe he's growing up?