Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hair Boy Turns 25!

It's hard to believe that 25 years ago today( my entire world changed... This ugly baby that looked more like ET than his father or me came into the world.. Yeah I know what a horrid thing for a mother to say.. But it's the truth, he was ugly.. Really.. ok.. back to the story..

My heart grew ten sizes that day plus infinity and beyond.. who knew this ET baby would become the source of so much joy and pride? Ok, so every other person to have ever had a child but still.

My child of wonder and music.. always with a unique question and an interesting way of viewing the world. At three he asked me..

Hair Boy: Mommy where does God live?

Me: He lives inside of us

Hair Boy: How can he live inside of everyone?

Me: He is God honey, you have to take things on faith....


Hair Boy: Oh I get it, A Piece of God lives in everyone..


at 15 with his best friend and I

Me: I assumed that ....

Best Friend: You know what happens when you assume don't you?

Hair Boy: Yeah, it killed the cat


Hair Boy and PITA Boy
Always on the fringes creating his own world.. watching, considering then off to do his thing.. Never a leader nor a follower just hearing his own drum!

My musician, my logical, silly, smart, funny, off kilter, unique son.. an amazing brother and a wonderful friend.. But best of all... My gift from God

Love ya sweetie and happy quarter of a century.. Unlike my mom, I am not going to give you diamonds to celebrate the day..

Hair Boy and PITA Boy
Hair Boy and Word Girlan amazing brother  
Hair Boy and Word Girl
Hair Boy and Blond Girl
Hair Boy and Blond Girl



  1. i have no hair, I think it's time for a new nickname

    1. but is that a permanent condition? And Blond Girl has asked for a new name as well.. she thinks there are plenty of other names that describe her more accurately..

      As for new names.. the blog needs one as well.. Only one of you is still a teen, even I can juggle one object.. well throw it up and catch it on it's way down