Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Watching the Dandelions Grow

It's been an amazing journey but the time has come to admit that my children are all adults.. No longer is it my job to sit out in the rain on cold spring evenings to watch a painful baseball game.. No longer am I supposed to sit hour after hour watching swim meets.. No more choir or band concerts, no more spring musicals.. not more guiding their hands.. Now I get to be mom.. Not the mom they seem to want (because I am on my own journey) but the mom they have and yes, the mom they love. 

What I do want to say right now is thank you.. There are a handful of people who were there for my children.. Who parented them when I was struggling.. who offered a shoulder to cry on or an example of what a parent could be. Oh I don't think I was a bad mom.. I have healthy happy creative young adults as children.. and all are functioning well in society.. They will go as far as their dreams and drive can take them. But...

My first couple of people I want to thank are the Smirats.. We met this family when Hair Boy was 6months old. They too had a son the same age and these two were destined to become the best of friends. They were such great friends with such creative wits that the Highs School actually created a policy about keeping best friends out of the same class as much as possible. That's what you get when you have two young men who can finish each other's thoughts.. pretty scary when the rest of us can't. But this isn't about them. This is about their parents. Marwan is an amazing man who offered my son a father figure. Who took him golfing, who spoke Arabic to him (not enough darn it). Who was showed him what a father was supposed to be. Charlotte was even more of an influence. This amazing woman was there for my son in a million different ways. She loved him as much as her own children, she made sure he was happy and she understood his broody moodiness.. and loved him anyway. I can not even begin to imagine what Hair Boy's life would have been like had they not been a part of it.

The next family is the Tymecs.. What The Smirats were to Hair Boy the Tymecs were to PITA Boy and then some. When we first found ourselves living in a hotel, the Tymecs took PITA Boy in. Gave him his own space and showed him what family could be. In short they loved him. When Hair Boy was in his accident and I could not be located (I was on a girls scout trip) Judy stepped in and pretended to be me, making sure she had all the information and was ready to give permission for medical procedures.. but they found me first and she didn't have to. She and Steve moved on a few years ago.. but PITA Boy is trying to find his way as an adult.. and low and behold these amazing people have stepped up once again and are offering him a chance to get his feet set.. A Chance to become something... 

Then there are the Garcias.. Word Girl met Diana in the 6th grade (ok, I met Diana while they were in the 6th grade).. but these two soon became constant companions.. Her family, an immigrant Hispanic family took Word Girl in like a second daughter. When they found out that she was taking spanish they asked if it was ok if they spoke spanish to her.. HECK YEAH.. it  is partially because of them that Word Girl now has a minor in Spanish!! When we moved into a hotel AGAIN.. they opened their home to her and made her a very real part of their family.

And Finally.. There are the Kerns.. A Mother and daughter duo who changed our lives.. The girls met in kindergarden and became good friends.. SO good that when I went to California for Christmas (sort of.. I left in the afternoon) the Kerns took in Blond Girl.. I dropped my 5 year old daughter off at their house on Christmas day!! WOW.. over the years the two connected through Scouts but in Middle School they were together again.. their friendship growing.. At the end of 8th grade, when we were headed back to the hotel.. The Kern woman took in Word Girl and never really gave her back. They bought her clothes, paid for school trips, gave her lunches or money for lunches (and this was after she moved back home) They became family to all of us. Never forgetting us at Christmas or on Birthdays.. ALL OF US..

You can not buy the kind of support these people gave me.. This wasn't the family that I was born with.. this was the family that my children created.. I was so amazing blessed to have these people stand at my side to watch my dandelions grow!


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