Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving Out

PITA Boy is my last child standing.. all the others have left the nest. While the girls are really only off to college, I am sure I will see them less and less. Both are planning spring break trips and extended summer  trips. That's ok, it's how life should be. Hair Boy left the nest a few years ago and PITA boy has been making sounds for a while.. But lately the sounds have been getting louder. 

The other day he asked me if I was going to be ok once he left. Hair Boy went through the same issues when he left. I get it, really I do, they are strong men who care about me but seriously, I did manage to raise four kids on my own. Sure, I had the occasional (or frequent) helping hand but day in and day out I raised them. Now with them leaving they seem to think I won't be able to function without them. If it wasn't so sweet I might be offended. 

It will be odd, not having to care for others day to day but that just means the adventure is beginning!! I am so excited for him and yes for me


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