Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Children Continue to Amaze Me (and make me tear up just a bit)

I have been going through some issues and have been writing through them on three of my blogs.. ShauniSpeaks (about my struggles) Shauni's Faith (about my day to day walk with God) and Shauni's Dreams That Come (My Poetry) Sometimes I have a theme on all three blogs and sometimes I can't believe they were written by the same person.. And if I am confused, I can imagine what my reader friends think.. 

BUT I always add a little blurb on Facebook to share with my friends and family. Today.. I got this response from PITA Boy

PITA BOY: Mom why don't you write a book, about everything that has happen in our family...and does Walmart cash checks on Sunday
about an hour ago · Like

Me: I did write a book about when we were homeless.. never did anything with it.. and yes just go to Customer Service
37 minutes ago · Like

PITA BOY: Don't just write about when we were just homeless, write about it all. When you were young all the way to now talk bout how you raised us and everything we went through not just the homelessness...and thank you I will go when I get my check on Sunday

I particularly like how he offered me his support and encouragement while asking me a question and how it didn't detract from the conversation at all.. ADD much? LOL but seriously, that's how we roll!!


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    1. Often... and it always makes me smile..

      I know you miss listening to my conversations with Cori.. they can be so darn entertaining