Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PITA Boy Meets His Niece

What most of you don't know is I have a rather spectacular stepson. Since the ex and I split when he was 17 I don't usually claim him. I mean his mother did a wonderful job raising him so I don't really get any of the
Aaron and His beautiful family
credit. He does claim my mother though.. Of course he does, she was grandma to him when he was just a little boy. Even went on his first plane trip, by himself, when he was 7 to spend time with her... 

He is all grown up now, 33 and starting a family of his own. He lives in Texas and someone tries to see him whenever he is up this way. This time it was PITA Boy, probably because he was the only one who actually still lives in the area.. 

Anyway, PITA Boy got to meet his beautiful niece for the first time!!

So there you have it!! The first meeting of Uncle PITA Boy and Baby Beautiful.. They seem to have hit it off!!

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