Monday, May 6, 2013

It Happened Today

That day every parent dreams of/Dreads.. My last child moved out. Yep PITA Boy has gone and started his new life. Now both of my sons had a harder time leaving than my girls..

Hair Boy went to college sure but when it was time to leave he stayed a bit just to make sure I would be ok. I finally had to tell him to go live his own life..

Word Girl went to college, I always thought she would come back but she never did. I think since she left 3 1/2 years ago she has been home maybe 30 days.

Blond Girl left knowing she was in essence moving out. Even if she was just going off to college. I have plans to move on myself. But my girl left last fall ready for her next adventure.

I had always said when she left so would I so PITA Boy knew it was time to start looking. He had plans to leave last fall but has actually stayed home to help me out. But now it's time.. Time for this unique young man to find his own way. His first step is to move to Macomb, where Word Girl goes to school. He will be getting a job and taking some classes. He is considering either law enforcement or paramedic. He of course holds on his back burner that dream of becoming a director. That will happen or it won't I just know I will always nourish his dreams.

I am excited for him!! I really am but it's harder than I thought watching the last one leave. I just have such big dreams for my kids (all of which include them having wonderful and exciting lives with the choices they make). I raised them to leave now they are all gone and I am befuddled.

This blog will be taking a major overhaul.. After all I am no longer Juggling anything, let alone teens.. I mean I only have one teen, wow! And she's an adult living her own life.

I did it all!! I raised four fabulous individuals who are off living their own adventures.. Now I get to start mine!!


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