Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Blond Girl

Wasn't she the cutest thing? I know I am a day late but I had to write this anyway.. Nineteen years ago yesterday my world changed Ok.. it changed in the fall when I realized I was pregnant with my fourth child.. My totally unplanned fourth child.

I was finished.. the bottles were out of the house, my baby was out of diapers.. life was good.. and then life changed! I had many people share their opinions on what I should do.. how I should react and even if I should even have this child.. *rolls eyes* seriously there were those who thought my life would be better without another child, if not better then easier. 

It might have been but no way could I have ever have made that choice! Blond Girl was a stubborn determined child straight from conception.. I knew she would be big so they decided to induce labor.. this child over 10lbs turned at the last minute and we weren't able to induce (For the record big babies don't usually turn). Then we realized that she was going to be really big so the doctor said on a Friday.. we will just do a C-section on Monday.. yeah right.. this child was coming on her own terms.. That's right Saturday morning comes along and I am in serious labor..  Of course I still had the C-section.. just got to enjoy the labor pains that went along with it..

This child was my absolute easiest.. she knew what she wanted.. but had no problem going with the flow. Choices were easy with her because she enjoys life.. She was a beautiful child inside and out and over a lifetime she has only grown in her beauty. 

She is studying at the University of Wyoming now and it's hard to believe that those years are all gone.. Of course she may no longer be a baby but she will always be MY baby.. 

Love ya sweetie..


** Oh yeah she is my only actual teen left.. and I only have 364 more days before I won't have any teenagers! My children will all be twenty somethings!

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