Monday, January 30, 2012

It Seems So Weird

Just a few short years ago, every single moment of my day was filled with the antics of my children.. I could wax on forever about the insane and silly things that they did.. And when I wasn't talking about them I was either with them or doing something for them. Even at work, stories of them filled my working hours..

As they get older and for the most part out of my life.. I have many empty moments.. Ok, not empty that implies that there is nothing there to fill it. Oh there is, I have lots of fun stuff going on and have plans for even more.. but I do sometimes miss those days where I never had any time to myself.

Hair Boy is an amazing young man, caught up in his music and his life.. going forward with such plans.. remember those days? Poised to soar?

PITA Boy, has plans upon plans but has yet to solidify any of them.. I know he will fly once he gets out from under my too confining wing.. I don't mean to stifle but I think I do. I allow him to not soar.. there that sounds better than stifling.

Word Girl, well that one has always had a mind of her own.. as well as a plan and a way to get what she wants. I remember when she liked to cuddle but that was way back in the land before time.. Mostly I remember this amazingly strong of spirit young woman who could do it herself..

Blond Girl, she is there.. poised.. on the very brink of life.. Just a few more months and she will be off.. And yes I think she will be sticking with her first choice and going off to the University of Wyoming. She has considered all her options and just keeps circling back to Wyoming..

So very soon, it will be just me.. Scared? you bet!! But Excited as well!! It will be very hard juggling these individuals from a distance.. but I am just the mom to do it!


  1. it takes awhile to adjust..but you do and enjoy them when they come back for a visit..

  2. This will sound awful, but I think I'll do fine with the kids out of the house in a few years. Will I miss them? Yes, but I'll also enjoy having some time to myself for a change.

    I've got about four years left with one child in the house and eight years for the other. So, I've got some time with them yet!

  3. Oh I am excited.. I have such grand plans!! I am out of here!! Still gonna be mom but not my sole focus of being!!