Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Word Girl's Return

Oh Joy of Joys.. Word Girl came home from California to bless us with her presence for three whole days.. sadly those days were marred.. yes fans, our days of bliss were not bliss free.. *grins*

It seems, while borrowing her computer I sorta kinda gave it a virus.. and of course it happened right before she came home so we weren't able to get it fixed BEFORE she got home.. So instead we sat around plotting out ways to tell her.. what would cause the smallest explosion.. Sadly, I ignored all our plotting and didn't tell her in public.. or in the car with a friend as witness.. NO, Silly me.. I had to tell her in private.. Oh yeah.. that was fun.. NOT

So our conversation went something like this...

Word Girl: When were you going to tell me?

Me: Hello? Isn't it obvious? I am telling you now.. I obviously waited as LONG as POSSIBLE to tell you.. *shakes head* Sheesh

Word Girl: You break everything.. I am texting Hair Boy!!

Me: *rolling eyes and mock quivering*

The next day she was ok.. and on Saturday we checked w/Best Buy to see how long it was going to take.. which btw, it was forever... which lead to another wonderful conversation...

Word Girl: I knew you would break it..

Me: *just letting her rant*

Word Girl: You break everything...

Me: Finally fed up... You know.. I have had my laptop for THREE YEARS.. and this is the first virus.. you have had yours for less than two and this is your THIRD.. I know I didn't give it the first two.. But I am pretty sure I PAID for it to be repaired..

Word Girl: *Silence*

Finally I got the last word.. doesn't happen all that often with our Word Girl

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