Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Law and Order Chime and Conditioning

PITA Boy works a very odd schedule.. never quite sure from week to week if he will be working am or pm, early morning or late at night. Consequently, he sleeps odd hours of course he is 22 (almost 22) so he sleeps odd hours anyway..

Anyway... the other day he laid down to take a nap.. with the typical wake me at .... comment, something I refuse to do.. (back to the 22 comment).. he is also a complete jerk when I wake him.. saying not to bother him.. he knows what time it is. Of course when he oversleeps he tries to blame me.. ok, back on topic..

The other day, he lay down to take a nap.. fell into a total and complete sleep.. really deep.. then all of a sudden the Law and Order Chime went of on the tv (you know the cha cha chunk sound they do?) The kid sat straight up, bounced out of bed and was fully awake! I am so getting that sound on his alarm clock


  1. what a good idea! I should check out what wakes my son up that fast!

  2. My youngest one is like that. She told me she's only overslept one class at college. No telling when they are away.